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We manufacture custom-sized windows and doorspilt2

The customer chooses the finishing material (paint, stain, varnish, or oil-based coating)

Selection of sealed units that adhere to applicable heat retention, soundproofing, and safety requirements

We make outward opening casement windows – Danish windows. Our casement windows open to the side or upwards.

The windows feature a slim profile, resulting in a lighter and airier look; the visibility of smaller windows is not diminished by wooden parts.

Our windows and doors are made using glulam and natural wood with pine as our timber of choice. Our thresholds are made of meranti or ash.

Our windows are rainproof – the stronger the wind or rain induced pressure exerted on the window, the more firmly the window is closed.

Owing to their slim profiles, Danish windows are a perfect fit for renovated buildings.

Extended freedom in interior design. Our outward opening windows set no restrictions to curtain placement or movement. Furthermore, items can be placed on the window sill as our window frames are set outside of the perimeter of the head and side jambs.


  • Sash locks: IPA, ASSA, HABO, FIX
  • Handles: FIX83 Cr/S
  • Finger locks: IPA


  • Double or triple glazing
  • Glazed using sealed glazing beds
  • Fastened using countersunk nails


  • Encasing the frame and for glazing


  • Wood ensures excellent soundproofing qualities;
  • Glulam provides greater strength at reduced bulk density;
  • Ensures excellent heat retention;
  • Our window profiles last, resisting changes;
  • Wood is a breathable material, ensuring balanced humidity in your home;
  • The material used has a pleasant natural look;
  • Wood resists static electricity, rendering our window profiles dust-free and unsoiled.

Our knowledge and skills guarantee the best solution for you.

To request a price quote or ask a question, write to info@aigur.com