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Our product selection includes vacation homes, private houses, saunas, shelters, gazebos, watchtowers for hunting, grill houses, outdoor roofs etc.

We can build your project from the foundation to the roof. Each project is unique and one-of-a-kind as our products are hand-made.

Our production makes use of domestic redwood with each carefully selected log benefitting from just the right measurements and warp-free outlook. We select the material for each individual project based on measurements of the specific house so as to avoid potential excess caused by varied measurements. We are happy to lend a hand and put our heads together to make sure our customers’ wishes are successfully realized in each and every project undertaken. Our master craftsmen draw from vast experience with a variety of different projects.

  • The air in a log house is always fresh and dry.
  • In the winter, a log house is nice and warm, while providing a cooler retreat in the summer.
  • Natural materials ensure the lack of static electricity and dust particles in the air inside a log house.
  • There is no need for complex ventilation systems in a log house.
  • Furthermore, log houses have no use for expensive interior and exterior finishing materials as a clean natural wood is the most beautiful of materials.
  • A log house lasts from generation to generation.